Untitled (After Monøgram)

Production Stills

Video Excerpt

Untitled (After Monoøgram). Single-Channel. HD. 06:20 Minutes. Color. Sound. 2014.

Black curtains meet the rear white wall and edge of the cyc. Shoot medium, to close and extreme close; pass intersect each other; (X2) hand-held cameras, (X1) tripod on wheels. Actors walk, pause, turn; traverse the space; look at each other, look at the camera. Walk on for me. Heavy breathing. Jump cuts. End-of-shoot looseness and malaise.

Actors: Christen Clifford, Steven Rattazzi, Stacey Karen Robinson; with Sarah Lasley and Alix Pearlstein
DP, Post Production, Conform: Sarah Lasley
Cameras: Aylon Ben-Ami, Alix Pearlstein
Production Manager: Nick Rymer
PA: Elana Steinberg
Still Photographer: Nathan Fitch
Audio Mix: Paul Geluso
Director, Editor, Producer: Alix Pearlstein
Filmed at Acme Studio, Brooklyn NY