New CITY (People on Sunday)


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Video Excerpt

New CITY (People on Sunday). Two-Channel. HD. 14:00 Minutes. Black & White. Sound. 2016.

Set in Canal Street Park and on an adjacent rooftop in downtown New York City on a very windy day, a group of five actors occupy these locations through shifting relationships with the urban landscapes, each other and a restless gaze. Two stacked channels juxtapose simultaneous viewpoints, collapsing and restructuring time. This work posits a point of view on a specific place, in an anxious time through insistent presence.

Actors: Brenna Palughi, Stacey Karen Robinson, Jamie Sneider, Corinne Spencer, Monique Vukovic
DP, Post-Production: Paul Shin
AC, Project Manager, Camera: Nick Rymer
Audio Mix: Paul Geluso
Media Loader, Camera: David Zuckerman
Wardrobe Coordinator: Alexandra Emmons
PA: Mitchell Wojcik
Still Photography: Malene Lauritsen
Producer: John Morrow
Director, Editor, Producer, Camera: Alix Pearlstein
Filmed in and around Canal Park, NYC

Installation View - On Stellar Rays, NYC.