Harem ROOM-1


Harem, meaning a group of women perceived as centering around a particular male.
- A group of female animals sharing a single mate.
- A prohibited, or forbidden place.
- Separate quarters.
- Kept safe, or 'sanctuary.'

Room, meaning a space that can be occupied or where something can be done, especially viewed in terms of whether there is enough. Enough room.
- Room for contemplation, play, transgression.
- Capacity, scope, leeway, latitude, freedom, opportunity and chance.

Harem ROOM-1, a site-responsive, figurative installation, utilizes a little-known meaning of the term harem to refer to a collection of like, fetishized elements. Here, applied as a framework, the harem presumes an act of subjugation and objectification, forcing parallels to social orders and hierarchies, as well as personal relationships and desires.

Mixed media. Dimensions Variable. 2016. Installation View: On Stellar Rays, NYC.

Public Pics