Video Excerpt

"Two Women 2". 2-Channel. HD. 2 Alternating Takes: 6:47 / 4:00. Total: 10:47. Color. Sound. 2007-2008.

Two women walk back and forth between two stationary cameras, positioned opposite each other amidst glaring theater lights. Each one carries a sheet of black & white board, with which she obscures her face as she reaches her mark in front of the camera. Through two simultaneous, continuous takes they pass each other repeatedly, at one point catching up and moving in the same direction. As their pace shifts so does their attention, enthusiasm or resignation to their task. This piece recalls an instant from Michael Snow’s Two Sides to Every Story (1974). Here the moment is doubled and drawn out between two characters, channels and alternating takes, transposing their repetitive action into a performance and relationship study – and the theater into a runway. A single channel version, One Side of Two Women 2, inverts this scheme while casting the second camera-person as an intermittent bystander.

Actors: Christen Clifford and Sonja Rzepski
Camera: Lili Chin, Jay King
Online Editor: Mat Lynch
Producer, Director, Editor: Alix Pearlstein
Post Production provided through The Cuts & Burns Residency Program with funding provided by Outpost Artists Resources and The Annenberg Foundation
Produced as part of a new project commission by The Kitchen NYC and filmed at The Kitchen for an exhibition curated by Debra Singer, September 5-October 18, 2008.

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