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Video Excerpt

"Episode". 2-Channel. 10 Minutes. Color. Sound. 2002.

Episode presents a group of four adults acting as if they were a standard nuclear family unit of mother, father, daughter and son. Through a series of eight scenes they act out the underlying dynamics of familial relationships, from playful to painful moments depicting rivalries, discipline, modeling behavior, aggression, regression, vulnerability and affection. Their actions and gestures are underscored by cartoon sounds and silence in images that quickly converge and diverge on two opposing screens, to simultaneously expose subtly different, subjective points of view.

Actors: Catherine Curtin, David Mazzeo, Emilie Unterweger, James Urbaniak
Camera: Alix Pearlstein, Amy Epstein
Director, Editor: Alix Pearlstein
Production Assistant: Amy Hutchinson
Technical Assistance: Will Cox / Final Frame
Photographs: Loupe Imaging
Filmed at Go Daylight Studio NYC
Installation: Episode, Greenberg Van Doren Gallery, NYC. September 2002.