The Drawing Lesson


Production Stills

Video Excerpt

The Drawing Lesson. Single-Channel. HD. 7:13. Color. Sound. 2012.

In this scheme of interactions, shifting roles between observer and observed are enacted as the camera repeatedly draws circles around changing configurations of seated actors. Recalling Jean-Baptiste Simeon Chardin's L'Etude du Dessin (The Drawing Lesson), (1734), by way of Giulio Paolini's Tre per Tre (Three by Three), (1998), this drawing lesson points towards portraiture through an affective relationship between camera, viewer and subject.

Actors: Charlotte Brathwaite, Christen Clifford, Mikeah Ernest Jennings, Ryan Justesen, Brenna Palughi, Paula McGonagle, Steven Rattazzi, Valda Setterfield and Ariel J. Shafir
DP, Post Production, Conform: Sarah Lasley
Camera Assistant: Rachel Puchkoff
Production Manager: Kate Scherer
Production Assistants: Nick Rymer, Lizz Conway
Wardrobe Assistant: Liz Groth
Still Photography: Boru O'Brien O'Connell
Audio Mix: Paul Geluso
Director, Editor, Producer: Alix Pearlstein
Produced with funds from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, 2011 Grants to Artists Award

Installation View - Ballroom Marfa, Marfa Texas