Video Excerpt

"Crash". 7:50. Color. Sound. 2004.

A group of four people are seen working together on a structure made of blocks. An interloper joins their group, but can't conform to their procedures. She disrupts their activity, eventually damaging their work. A variety of tactics are employed in an effort to reform her into a productive member of their society. It seems to work and she becomes a team player. But, her seeming conformity triggers a reversal as the others see their own behavior reflected in hers. They act out destroying their own work, they lose their will and ability to function - they crash. Their shut down reveals her to be an agent of change, her actions a subterfuge.

Actors: Christen Clifford, Sarah Kay, David Mazzeo, Nancy O'Connor, James Urbaniak
Director, Editor: Alix Pearlstein
Camera: Jay King, David Zuckerman
Production Assistants: Briony Barr, Sujin Lee
Technical Assistance: Tim Goodwin / Final Frame
Filmed at George Brown Cyc Studio NYC
Installation: The King, the Mice and the Cheese, curated by Bill Arning, MIT List Visual Arts Center, Bakalar Gallery, Cambridge, MA 2006.

Alix Pearlstein The King, the Mice and the Cheese | MIT List Visual Arts Center