After The Fall


Production Stills

Video Excerpt

“After The Fall”. 4-Channel. HD. 2 Alternating Takes: 10:14/10:34. Total:20:48. Color. Sound. 2008.

A four-channel, in the round video installation, After the Fall is staged within the context of a black box theater. Two contrasting social groups are positioned in opposition to each other. The first group performs center stage, enacting a minimalist drama of intimacy, betrayal, confrontation and cruelty, while the other group registers their observations to passing cameras. Four simultaneous circling long shots juxtapose constantly shifting perspectives at once on opposing screens, sustaining the action intact in real time, as two alternating takes present subtly different interpretations. The camera’s visibly perambulatory choreography instigates a convergence and exchange between groups and between endings and beginnings, as the narrative implodes at its climax then rolls over into a regression and changes direction. Point of view at all levels is inverted as the second group re-enacts and translates the preceding sequence, while the other group now bears witness. Throughout, a moving wall acts as a divisive spatial and psychological obstruction, giving rise to conflicts between characters for access, territory and dominance.

Actors (Gold): Christen Clifford, Anitha Gandhi, Ryan Justesen, David Mazzeo
Actors (Red): Derek Lucci, Steven Rattazzi, Stacey Karen Robinson, Sonja Rzepski
Cameras: Lili Chin, Jay Cristopher King, Birgit Rathsmann, Pawel Wojtasik
Technical Coordination: Birgit Rathsmann
Lighting Design: Betsy Adams
Audio Recording: Doron Sadja
Audio Mix: Zeljko McMullen
Production Coordination: Joshua Walker
Production Assistants: Rosi Hayes, Ashley Soliman, Matt Shapiro
Still Photography: Peter Field Peck
Online Editor: Mat Lynch
Producer, Director, Editor, Score: Alix Pearlstein
Post Production provided through The Cuts & Burns Residency Program with funding provided by Outpost Artists Resources and The Annenberg Foundation.
Produced as a new project commission and filmed at The Kitchen NYC, for an exhibition curated by Debra Singer, September 5 – October 18, 2008. With thanks to: The Kitchen NYC; Ruth Kahn and The Outpost, Williamsburg; Kym Canter / J. Mendel; Sarita Covington, Rosi Hayes, Kristine Lee and Clifford Owens.
Installation View - The Kitchen, NYC.